Panthainarasingh gym was established in 1995 by Kru Mark Cannon and has a reputation for producing well schooled, stylish fighters, who have gone on to win many titles both in the UK and Thailand.

The club is not solely focused on producing great fighters, most of the students in the gym, who do not wish to compete train for fitness, self defence and most of all for fun.

There are now five experienced muay thai instructors and a full time boxing coach to assist the students to achieve their desired level of competence.

The club holds many seminars each year in disciplines such as Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong and Muay Boran,hosted by top trainers and fighters from all round the world.

The club also hosts seminars in complimentary disciplines such as Timeline therapy (tm), hosted by Vinny Shoreman.

All classes are mixed and children train alongside adults, male with female producing a real family atmosphere in the gym.